Water Softeners


Smart Choice Water Softener- 3 Sizes Available

In developing the Smart Choice System, Aqua Systems had three objectives:

  1. Move beyond the trend of disposable water softeners
  2. Deliver peak performance for years after the initial installation
  3. Build a system that works so well you’ll forget it’s there

Serviceable vs. Disposable –
This could be the last System you’ll ever have to buy!

Many water conditioning systems on the market today are designed to be disposable, because they just weren’t made to be serviced. The Smart Choice, with easy and affordable maintenance solutions, was designed to be a lasting appliance. Although it may be years before the first service is required, this system offers you the ultimate in long-term care.

All components of the Smart Choice are easily separated and exchangeable with the factory. You have the option of exchanging the component yourself, or having one of our experienced technicians provide in-home service. With either choice, the exchangeable component program ensures precise results and low cost.

Series 9100 & 9100SE Twin Water Softener


The Series 9100 Twin truly is the ultimate in water softener efficiency. The alternating twin tank design allows you continuous soft water 24 hours a day 7 days a week uninterrupted. And because each tank is used to its full capacity, there is no need for reserve, adding even more efficiency.


There is no timer to set.

High Flow

Every 9100 Twin is built with full flow 1″ valves and distributors. Comes with a choice of either ¾” or 1″ pipe connections, and an optional 1″ commercial meter that increases flow rates up to 24 GPM.

Water Consumption

Adjustable cycle times allow minimal water usage.

Built-in By-Pass

An optional single lever by-pass valve allows an easy way to bypass the system and provides a simple disconnect.


The five cycle 9100 Twin Series valve is motor driven – no solenoids or diaphragms to stick or hang up. This is the most reliable system for consistent performance.

Separate Salt Tank

The separate salt tank design protects controls from the harsh effects of salt and water that attack conventional control systems.


Due to the twin tank design, the 9100 Twin Series is versatile enough for tough residential applications, as well as for small commercial applications. Choice of salt tank sizes to fit most any space requirements.

WS1T Water Softener 2 Sizes Available